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W. clip online

JoshBrolinBush.jpgThere's a clip online for W., the George Bush film from Oliver Stone starring Josh Brolin as the man who comes through some extremely rough times to lead the U.S. as the Commander in Chief.

This clip shows the moment that George first meets Laura, and it seems to suggest that they were at loggerheads from the beginning.

The W. clip does show Josh Brolin carrying off that Bush stagger once again, but the surprising thing is the suggestion of how Laura Bush is going to be portrayed, she herself seems as though she will be as strong as the character of Bush, and it would be interesting to know if this is really what she is like in real life.

I started wondering about whether this film would prove to be controversial and perhaps have a hand in the upcoming election, and whether the controversy is going to come directly from the film's portrayal of the characters or just from the very fact that they are showing the real people behind the President and the First Lady.

What do you think? Here's the clip through Ace Showbiz that does a good job of humanising President Bush, something that should have been done during his Presidency.



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