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Watchmen cast interviews

Watchmen_Poster.jpgThere's a video online from Comic Con where walkway interviews were conducted with the cast of Watchmen before they moved on somewhere, probably to or from the Comic Con panel.

All in all the video is an eight minute piece, although there are clips from the trailer and the music clip that grows in annoyance as the video goes on, there are still some interesting quotes and observations from the cast.

The video shows them all talking about Watchmen and their characters with Zack Snyder being interviewed and saying that the comic book film has come of age, and that it maybe took this group of directors to grow up in order for the films to finally make it.

Although we've seen the clips before, they are looking really good and I don't mind seeing them again, even if it is padding out the comments from the stars.

It's worth a look and you can see it below:

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