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Watchmen court update

Watchmen.jpgThe studio war over Watchmen has taken another turn, with both Warner Bros and Fox submitting reports to the federal court in New York. Fox is trying to block the release of the film next year, while Warner Bros point out the fact that Fox stayed silent during the making of the film.

It seems ridiculous that with a film nearly finished this is all starting up. Surely if Fox had a major problem, they could have spoken up sooner.

As we know Zach Snyder has directed Watchmen, with a rather amazing looking trailer here. Fox have thrown a spanner in the works though, claiming that they own the rights to the material. You can read Richard's previous article for the ins and outs of why Fox still hold an interest in the film. The New York Post through, Coming Soon have the latest developments in the case.

The latest news has Fox and Warner Bros. submitting reports to the courts in New York. Fox have said they will try and block the film's release next year. They also say that when they allowed Lawrence Gordon to take the film around to other studios, he didn't keep them up to date on what was happening.

Warner Bros meanwhile say that Fox shouldn't be able to block the release. And say that considering Fox have said nothing during pre-production and filming, that they shouldn't be able to halt the release now. Not only that, but Warner Bros say producer Lawrence Gordon offered Watchmen to Fox in 2005, just before Warner Bros. took over, but that they rejected it.

And to further confuse matters, Paramount, Legendary and Universal Pictures might also be dragged into proceedings. Universal and Paramount have both tried to make Watchmen films previously, and Paramount are a partner in Snyder's version. Fox are pushing for a trial date of June next year, while Warner Bros. are looking for April. Watchmen is due to be released in May next year.

Good Lord, what a mess. Fox may well have a point, if they kept an interest in it even while it was being passed round other studios. But their timing seems ridiculous. Why not stop it before filming starts, why wait until now. Maybe they weren't expecting a great film to be made out of it. And although we've only seen a trailer so far, they might know something we don't. Let's hope it gets sorted soon, and that the release isn't affected.



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