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X Files 3 straight to DVD?

XFiles2.jpgWith The X Files: I Want to Believe getting a fairly luke warm reception so far, you would think plans for a third film could be on hold. Turns out not so much, it could be a third X Files film is made and released on DVD.

I loved The X Files on TV, but I'm not sure I want it to resort to straight to DVD films.

The X Files: I Want to Believe (Filmstalker review) was the second film of the series, and both stars were already talking about a possible third film. And despite fairly modest box office success it may still happen. Dread Central through Screen Rant say a third is still a possibility, but without a cinema release:

I understand - there was room for improvement … and there still might be. I work for Screaming Death Monkey and Spotnitz - the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz - told us this week that the team have already spoken about the next X-Files film. It’s likely the next release will go direct to DVD - but they’re working on the assumption they’ll have a similar budget.

Screaming Death Monkey are a production company who did work on special effects for The X Files: I Want to Believe. It's strange, I watched The X Files religiously on TV, and made an effort to see the first film. But by the time I went to watch the latest one this week in the cinema, it was no longer showing. It all seems a bit low key this time.

Until I've seen it I can't really comment on whether a third one is a good idea or not. What about you, should a third X Files film be done if it's heading straight to DVD? Or should this be the end for the films altogether?



That rumour was almost immediately debunked by Frank Spotnitz here:


At least one more film should be made, dealing with colonization, and that film belongs on the big screen, obviously. The second film, which was unjustly villified and pulled much too quickly, is actually a perfect bridge to the potential sequel: Scully and Mulder solve their faith issues and are ready to fight (monsters, aliens, future - you name it). I predict a big change in critical attitudes once it gets reviewed again as a DVD release. This is a film that merits several viewings. I'm positively shocked with the way Carter and Spotnitz wrote our heroes.

Yeah I saw that. I'm curious if there's not a third film even written never mind contemplated by a the studio, how does anyone know if it's straight to DVD or not?

Of course no one knows it yet. Certainly not the tossers at dreadcentral. :)

I think X-Files: I Want to Believe was the whipping boy of this summer, hence the additional "pleasure" in suggesting that the potential XF3 will not be good enough to be released in cinemas. I also notice how the authors of the "news" couldn't refrain from nasty comments about the main actors, e.g. that Anderson and Duchovny did XF2 for cash only, that they have no career, that Gillian is not even interested in acting (she has two films coming out, the Gellhorn project, and a play in a very prestigious theatre in London - they sure know what they babble about) and embarassed themselves even further by claiming they posted the bit as a rumour (they did not). It's difficult to treat such "sources" seriously.

I was quite the X-Files fan back in the day but I'm actually not all that interested in seeing the new movie -- maybe it's just me or perhaps it's a sign that time's changed?

Well I'm sure it's rather harsh to call them that and they are bound to have their reasons for discussing the rumour openly. Perhaps they were duped too?

It is a bit harsh on Anderson though to be fair.

I still stand by the "tossers" comment. When I see words such as "movie blog", I expect more than uninformed snark.

What really makes me curious is whether the third film will happen at all.

Now there is a question. Will the second film do the business on DVD that would make the studio think about a third? More to the point would both actors return to the roles again?

I think they should. The X-files still has a strong fan base that will alway's show up to veiw another movie. AS far as the plot, maybe there trip to the island (they were traveling to at teh end of X2) gets cut short. Maybe we can see Dogget and Reyes back in action. As hard as Mulder and Scully want to leave the darkness, I don't feel that they can 100% accomplish that. They both by nature are fighters and if someones needs there help, they will show up.


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