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American Psycho the musical

AmericanPsycho.jpgWe're all familiar with musical to film adaptations and vice versa. Well now another film is heading for Broadway. American Psycho is to be made into a musical.

That sounds crazy, wonder how they will handle the violence. I'm tempted to break my usual avoidance of musicals for this one.

The news from Cinematical, is that The Johnson-Roessler Company, The Collective and XYZ Films, have acquired the rights to a live stage version of American Psycho. The film starred Christian Bale, as a rich investment banker, who was also a twisted killer. The show will stick the 1980's setting for musical inspiration.

This sounds mad, I'd love to see how they handle those death scenes. Given the performance of Bale as Patrick Bateman, it kind of lends itself to theatre. I'd love to see this! What about you, a crazy idea that might work. Or just a crazy idea?



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