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Barker talks Candyman and Hellraiser remakes

Hellraiser.jpgClive Barker has been talking about the planned remakes of both Hellraiser and Candyman, and he's positive about them, indeed excited.

Not only that but he's having a fair dig at the PG-13 horror market and sets the scene for a couple of pretty scary R rated horrors.

Although we are sick of remakes Clive Barker has a very good point:

"I never get tired of revisiting [characters] if there is a good story to be told."

That's true, and if we are to argue the point, there are only a limited number of stories out there and they're being remade all the time, just with different materials and fancy wrapping.

Hellraiser and Candyman are great stories too, but there's something else about them that's very important, they also have great characters, and I feel it's these characters that make the films.

What makes them such great horrors though? Clive Barker is pretty adamant about that too considering his comments through MTV:

"It's one of the most disgusting developments in the last few years...The whole notion of a PG-13 horror movie to me is a contradiction in terms. It's like having a XXX Disney picture. It doesn't work."

That's another superb point and well made, however I have to say that just because a film is PG-13 doesn't mean it's scary nor an effective horror. What I think it at odds here is the move that studios and filmmakers have to make a horror film fit a PG-13 rating to hit an audience and return the profits that the studio accountants have deemed necessary. That's the bit that destroys horrors, not the PG-13 rating on its own.

When explaining why Barker is so keen on R ratings for horror he uses the words of another great horror filmmaker, Wes Craven, when he said:

"Wes says that 'When you go into a horror movie, you need to feel that you're in the hands of a madman.' Now what madman makes a PG-13 picture, right? Your horror-movie madman…doesn't neaten up all the edges and make it all nice for mommy."

Like us though, he does realise what's behind all this and the business side, but it doesn't mean he has to like it:

"I realize why the studios do this...They do it because they want to bring in younger audiences and make more money. But they don't make better movies."

Still, I don't think a horror has to be an R rating to be an effective horror, psychological horror can be really scary, but I do get the point that making a horror fit a PG-13 just isn't the right way to do it, is it? What do you think?

More to the point is Barker right in seeing both Hellraiser and Candyman remade? Considering the poor treatment that Midnight Meat Train from the studio and how strong a production that had been given, will Hellraiser and Candyman get any better treatment?



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