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Branagh to direct Thor?

KennethBranagh.jpgThor is one of a few Marvel films in development for future release, alongside Captain America, Iron Man 2 and The Avengers films. The film has been without a director for a while, but now Kenneth Branagh is in talks to take over.

I'd never picked Branagh for a superhero film, but it could be a great choice.

Matthew Vaughn was originally set to direct Thor, but the timing didn't work out. He's now onto other projects. Marvel have been hunting for a new director since. And Variety, through Coming Soon, say that they are in negotiations with Kenneth Branagh to direct.

Thor is to be released in summer 2010. It tells the story of a disabled medical student named Donald Blake, who has an alter ego, the Norse God Thor. It's a very interesting choice, and another director who hasn't previously tackled the superhero genre.

Are you excited at the possibility of Branagh directing Thor?



This is definitely off topic Louise but please indulge me. I just saw Branagh perform in Ivanov and he was absolutely amazing - that's a play I dont mind seeing again before the end of its run.

I'm a huge comic book fan, especial the Marvel universe. I've been looking forward to the other members of the avengers team showing up in theaters. This is going to be a solid picture with Branagh directing, his driecting is amazing from his takes on Shakespeare to the unforgettable Dad Again. As long as they don't blow the script this is going to be good.

sorry about the typo, LOL the movie was Dead Again.
keep up the good work

Thanks. You're right, the script will probably determine the success. Not many directors can salvage a script that's poor. I'd really like to see what he did with a Thor film.

Not off topic at all Simone, just shows how talented Branagh is. A Thor film would definitely be a deparure though.


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