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Bruce Willis to direct

BruceWillis.jpgBruce Willis is set to step behind the camera as well as appear before it in the psychological thriller Three Stories about Joan which also stars Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin.

There's little information on the film itself, but it is set to begin filming next month, and so suggests that it has moved quite a ways forward already without the media getting wind of it.

Bruce Willis has never directed before although he has written one film, and that was Hudson Hawk. Yes, I'm moving on from that comment quite quickly too.

According to the ShreveportTimes through Jo Blo the film is shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana from October 2nd through to November 10th and that's about it.

There's precious little else going on there at the moment, and I'm desperate to find out more as I really do rate Willis, particularly in his later years.

I know that it's already been caught by Louise in a Stalked article, but I'd written this at the same time and I'm rather a big Bruce Willis fan so I'm putting it up anyway.

Of course I'm keen for another Die Hard, especially after Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), but equally he's dished out some strong performances in non-action roles and moving behind the camera is an unknown proposition for the audience as far as he's concerned. Could he pull something out of the hat?



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