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Bruckheimer to remake World War II

JerryBruckheimer.jpgIt would seem that war films are starting to make a comeback in Hollywood, with Valkyrie and Inglorious Bastards looming, we’re just starting to see the beginnings of the World War II films return to Hollywood production slates.

Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t missing out, he already had an attempt with Pearl Harbor before, but now he’s looking set to tackle the story of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, aka the Desert Fox.

His production company has just bought the rights to a book which follows a British battalion who try to stop the German troops led by Field Marshal Rommel, called the Wehrmacht's troops, in the Middle East and Africa.

The novel is called Killing Rommel (Play.com / Amazon.co.uk / amzusAmazon.com) and is written by Steven Pressfield, and according to the story from Variety through Screenrush, the story is to be adapted by Randall Wallace, the man who wrote the Braveheart and Pearl Harbor scripts.

Oh dear. Now there are two things to consider here, first is the rewriting of history, albeit in some small ways, we saw in Pearl Harbor, and then the second is the fact that Braveheart took some strong liberties with historical accuracy, so put those two together and I think we’re going to be far away from a historical retelling and closer to something with big explosions and huge tension builders.

So far the golden era of Hollywood World War II films is still firmly behind us, for now.



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