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Cars 2 in 2011

Cars.jpgDisney/Pixar are hard at work on the sequel to Cars, yes that's Cars 2. It was due to be released in 2012, but for some reason they are moving to 2011.

And John Lassiter has some details about the plot of the sequel. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen the first film.

It was John Lassiter who announced that Cars was shifting to 2011. No reason for it has been given, but it's a year earlier so let's not ask. According to Lassiter, on MTV Movies Blog, the animators are working non stop to make the new deadline.

The plot for the sequel will see Mater getting his passport, and heading around the world with Lightning McQueen. He also announced that there will be Cars Toons, which will play on the Disney Channel, and online and in cinemas before Disney films. Mater’s Tall Tales, will have Mater reciting different adventures, which he has never really done.

The move of Cars 2 will mean a reshuffling for other Pixar's films. Newt, and The Princess and the Bow, may well move around to accommodate Cars 2.

I'm a fan of Pixar films, mostly because I watch them a lot with my nephew. And Cars was funny, and also looked amazing. I'm looking forward to another one, I just hope it stands up to the first. Are you looking forward to a Cars sequel?



I'm thought Cars looked amazing too, this news is good. I was expecting a sequel as Cars has a lot of merchandise.

It doesn't half. I've spent a lot of time playing the PS2 game with my nephew, and that's only the beginning!

cars was amazing and looked really good so my opinion would seriously be to make as many cars films as possible haha ive got both cars games on my xbox360 add me:) ---> swanseajaks

cars 2 will be amazing and better if they involve ben stiller as owen wilson and ben stiller are the best movie duo ever !!
maybe theyll take a trip to the UK as part of the film plot lol
i wonder what the next movie soundtrack -- any idea's?? reply to my e-mail adress please =]

to right cars is the best and you should listento the songs there sweet! oh theres a great tune called "this side of paradise".

I can't wait love the first and my mum is having twins so when they are 2 i'll be able to watch it with them :)))



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