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CIA Himalayan spy story gets film

Everest.jpgNow this sounds like a great story to be made into a film, although the book it's being adapted from is non-fiction, the film will be a fictional account of a CIA mission to the top of the Himalayan mountains.

Sounds too incredible to be true, but genuinely the CIA put this mission in place to spy on China, because from the top of those peaks they can see right into Chinese territory.

An Eye at the Top of the World (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) looks at the story of how in 1965 the CIA gathered together a group of elite climbers together from America and India to head up to the a Himalayan peak in India to plant a sensor which would record measurements and spy on Chinese nuclear missile tests at a time when spy planes couldn't do the job.

The book details a 2005 attempt to recreate the journey, led by the experienced climber Pete Takeda. It chronicles the gruelling journey to the top of the peaks to recreate what those climbers achieved back in 1965. In fact it was so tough that some of the returning climbers were treated for post traumatic stress on their return.

According to Variety Ryne Douglas Pearson is set to write the screenplay , he recently wrote the screenplay for Knowing - don't have a go at him, he didn't chose the lead! - he also wrote the script for Mercury Rising.

I do hope that the film is going to turn to the 1965 mission and not the recreation. I really don't see the interest in a bunch of climbers recreating the more exciting event and puffing their chests out to see who can get the biggest battle scars and who can push themselves closest to death.

The intrigue and excitement would be in the original story with the additional intrigue of the cold war and the responsibilities of the mission. The responsibilities of the 2005 attempt were to write a book.



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