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Clips 'n' Pics: The Wrestler, Gatchaman (G-Force)

BattleofthePlanets.jpgThere are a couple of clips online that are worth having a look at. Although they aren't big clips, they have some interesting moments from the films they represent.

The first is from Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, a film that is touted to return him to form after the misunderstood The Fountain which received a mix reception.

The second is the first Gatchaman teaser, aka G-Force. I do hope there's more to come because this is short and features next to nothing to get us excited.

The Wrestler clip is actually an interview of Darren Aronofsky where he reveals that Mickey Rourke was able to rewrite a lot of his dialogue, actually he says all of it, in order to make it fit himself. We also hear a little from Rourke himself, who I have to say is looking very rough. Here's the clip through Row Three.

Then there's the Gatchaman clip, aka G-Force or Battle of the Planets, however you watched it as a kid the cartoon is being adapted for the big screen, but it's remaining CGI. Yes Coming Soon, it was shown in the UK too, and I would guess other countries too.

I have to say this is a very disappointing teaser. The animation isn't exceptional and what do we really see? As far as I can remember, and I was an avid watcher when I was young, there wasn't that much about the ship that would get me excited these days. Perhaps something about that famous phrase “transmute”, or seeing one or more of the characters briefly would have been much better than this:



Wow a Gatchaman CGI movie! This is news to me. I'm in!

I only seen it as the re-edited American version "Battle of the Planets" though.

I know the original was quite different, thankfully no 7-Zark-7 or 1-Rover-1 and apparently Zoltar was a gulp, hermaphrodite!


Yeah, I've been talking about it for a while, there's some cool concept art on the film on the site, just hit the tags underneath the story.

I remember that shocking moment in the cartoon when thet took off the hood and ran through a doorway to reveal some long blond locks...


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