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Dark Knight Blu-ray details leaked?

TheDarkKnight.jpgAfter taking over the box office this summer, The Dark Knight hype now surrounds the DVD release. We may have found out some of the treats in store for the Blu-ray release.

Unsurprisingly it's a two dvd release, and it looks packed full. All the details are inside.I wonder if we will see multiple versions released over time.

The Dark Knight DVD release will be one of the most anticipated for a while. And Blu-ray.com through /Film has what is rumoured to be the contents of the Blu-ray release. All rumour at this stage but the content goes like this.

The first disc may include, in addition to the film itself:

Gotham Discovered: The Creation of a Scene extra where Director Christopher Nolan and his collaborators unveil details on the planning of the movie, including stunt double work, how the filming in IMAX was done and information about the new Bat-suit, Bat-pod, etc

And the second disc may include:

...the following documentaries, Batman Technology: Gadgets and Tools (in HD), Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight and The World of Batman Seen Through Real Life Psychotherapy (in HD), 6 clips from the Gotham Cable Premier's newscast: Tonight in Gotham, plus art galleries on the Joker's letters, conceptual art, posters, production stills, trailers, and TV spots.

And it will all be presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1. Again nothing confirmed at this stage, but that sounds great. No commentaries though. What do you think, would that do The Dark Knight justice?



Ooh sounds good! Would be interesting to see all of that. I do like a good making of. Hope they don't add more to the Blu-ray though as I still need to upgrade my life.

Yeah I like those making of programmes as well. I'm two thirds of the way upgraded. Got the PS3, got a cracking TV, now I'm pining over a sound system. It never ends does it!

I know Louise, and I only read last week that a replacement for HD TVs are in development!

Good god! I love gadgets and new toys, but my current TV is going to have to last. Well I say that now.

Ha ha, well you can always send it my way!


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