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Darwin biographical film

CharlesDarwin.jpgJennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany have signed up to play husband and wife in a biographical film about the great Charles Darwin, the man who discovered and documented the modern day understanding of evolution.

Bettany will be playing the man himself, Charles Darwin, a man who in later years struggled between his discoveries of evolution and his wife's deeply religious views. Something which might well show the great divide America, and indeed the world, faces today.

The story is adapted from the book by Randal Keynes called Annie's Box (Annie's Box / Amazon.com), Darwin was Keynes' great grandfather, and the book looks at his time researching and chronicling evolution in The Origin of the Species (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com / Play.com), the death of his daughter at a very young age, and how he struggled with his wife's religious beliefs, his views of evolution, and his growing agnosticism.

The article in Yahoo News also tells us that Jeremy Northam, Toby Jones and Benedict Cumberbatch have joined the cast of the film which is to be directed by Jon Amiel, adapted by John Collee and called Origin.

That's a great cast that's lined up for the roles, and I do hope that the film is going to portray the events as per the book and not distort them for today's American viewpoint which seems to believe more in creationism than in the science of evolution.

There's the potential here for another Hollywood film to totally butcher historical fact, however there's also another chance, for the film to bring to the fore and discuss the growing belief in creationism over the science of evolution.

I do hope the film doesn't look on the life of Darwin with tainted eyes.



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