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Extended clip from Disney's Bolt

Bolt.jpgWe have a three minute clip from Disney's 3-D film Bolt. Amoung the stars of this one are John Travolta and Woody Harrelson. A TV star, who happens to be a dog, finds himself stranded from home, and tries to make his way back.

I'm not sold on the whole 3-D thing. Maybe Disney will change my mind.

John Travolta is voicing the main character of Bolt in Disney's 3-D film. The dog in question links up with a cat and a hamster as he tries to find his way back home. We have a 3 minute clip from the film below, courtesy of Yahoo! through /Film.

Have a look and see what you think. Another hit for Disney?



He he, I think this looks good. The animation and direction is looking good and the characters look cute, including the humans. I'm sold.

Woody Harrelson is not in this movie.

Thanks Justin, don't know where I got his name from.


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