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Faris says goodbye to career

AnnaFaris.jpgAnna Faris looked like she was on the brink of doing something clever with her career, for a long time she was being touted as connected with a biographical film of the woman known as Linda Lovelace made famous in the pornographic film Deep Throat.

Well word out today is that she's decided not to do it, and in an even better move she's decided to stick with, what she calls, comedies. Yeah, if you hadn't realised that's what she's been starring in.

A whole year ago I wrote about Anna Faris being connected with the role of Linda Lovelace in a biographical film called Inferno that looked at her life both in and out of the porn industry, including her controversial appearance in the equally controversial Deep Throat.

She starred in the film in 1972, and then the stories arose of forced sex, mob involvement, and all sorts. She herself claimed to be abused, a claim that was refuted by the film-makers and other people on the set, then the film-makers made counter-claims and it all got really messy. She turned away from the porn industry after that and became an active campaigner against it until she died in a car accident in 2002.

Then, just a few months ago, she talked about her role and where it was going.

“We’re still trying to put it together. I’m going to do ['Observe & Report' with Seth Rogen] first, and then hopefully we’ll get together for the summer.I think we’re still working on the money bit...

You’re not going to even know who I am. I’m not there right now, but I will be when the time comes. I’ll be in a very dark place.”

Well it sounded exciting, and far better than the rubbish she'd been churning out for the cash up until now. Then she goes and ruins it by pulling out of the film, and the word is from Moviehole through Cinema Blend that she made the decision because, and get this, she thinks the role would be a little heavy for her career right now.

This is probably the second biggest mistake of her career, the first being typecast as the dumb blond in horrendous comedies without any value, apart from raking in easy money for the studios. I mean House Bunny, please, save us.

She could have turned her career around in a second, and far from this role being too heavy it would have been a superb move, suddenly propelling her away from the easy cash, soul destroying and career undefining, rinse and repeat comedies, she would have appeared in a defining film about a controversial and world famous person who's story is upsetting, controversial and very intriguing.

Suddenly Anna Faris could have been known for serious dramatic roles, and could have made something of a huge smash in Hollywood, if she pulled off the acting of course.

Well now she's going to be back to films like Scary Movie recycling the same jokes and House Bunny which plays to her obvious strengths. Bad choice.

So this leaves Inferno without a lead to play Linda Lovelace. Thoughts on a comment to...



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