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Favreau on Iron Man 2 and 3

JonFavreau.jpgBefore the release of Iron Man on DVD, Jon Favreau has been talking about the sequels planned. He's not just thinking about one sequel, he can see it becoming three films.

Favreau fills us in on how things are going, and some of themes we can expect to see in future Iron Man films.

Jon Favreau is busy working on Iron Man 2, and is publicizing the DVD release of Iron Man. He spoke to Coming Soon about his thoughts for future Iron Man films. He's currently starting the writing process, which has also involved Robert Downey Jr, and they are working with Justin Theroux. Downey Jr worked with Theroux on Tropic Thunder.

With The Avengers film on the horizon, Favreau talked about how all the Marvel films have handled the cross overs. And the problems they'll face in keeping it going with Captain America and Thor.

Remember, with "Avengers" you're not just dealing with tech. You're dealing with inter-dimensional portals and all the sh*t that makes you jump the shark if you don't handle it right. So we were very restrained in how we used our superhero-ism in our movie and we did that by keeping it all tech based. Then "Hulk" went a little the same way. It's still kind of tech-based. You get to Cap and you say, "Okay, he was frozen in that thing –" and it's like, "Okay, I could maybe buy that, with the super-soldier thing." Then you get into Thor and it's like, "Okay, well now..." and so how do you make that all feel like it's in the same world as our movie is? That's going to be the challenge moving forward.

The crossovers between the pre Avengers films, will probably go a long way to influencing how successful an Avengers film will be. And it turns out Mandarin may well be showing up in the sequel, but Favreau is struggling with how to portray his mystical origins. We may well see Mandarin's story played out over two more films, rather than devoting a lot of screen time to the character in one film.

We do have him and I think it's something where I feel a little bit goes a long way. So there's a lot of other characters and a lot of other countries that have become very interesting lately that fit very well into our universe. The "Iron Man" canon has become incredibly cogent and applicable once again.

And with The Dark Knight doing so well in IMAX, Favreau is keen to utilize both IMAX and 3-D in the next Iron Man films.

I would love to do some IMAX stuff. I think that's going to be a game-changer. I would love to do some of it on IMAX for IMAX. It's all a matter of dollars and cents for them. I would also love to do 3-D.

So there we go. Head over to Coming Soon for the whole interview, there's lots of good stuff. Favreau's enthusiasm is obvious, you can tell he's immersed in the story. Are you liking the sound of where Iron Man is going?



Damn - I'm keen to see an Avengers flim done well and am glad it sounds like their planning it well...
I'm already looking forward to Iron Man 2, thought part one was just great!
Rich - have you seen / know anything about the Amber Heard films I mention in my Pineapple Express review? let me know if you do!?


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