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Fox killing another Superhero?

Wolverine.jpgFox don't have a great reputation of letting their talent develop their projects, and it looks like Wolverine is the next to be suffering from their interfering executives with an eye to produce a teenage friendly film.

Word is that the director, Gavin Hood, who is trying to make a darker Wolverine film in keeping with the original story, was almost fired by Fox, probably because he stood his ground and wouldn't turn it into a kiddie film.

Apparently it became so bad that two backup directors were put in place by Fox and they were ready to pull Gavin Hood from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However Variety (no link given) through Comic Book Movie tell us that Richard Donner stepped in to try and smooth things over between Fox and Hood.

Fox are on the defensive yet again though, they're saying it's Hood's film, they aren't interfering, and he's definitely the director. However we've heard that before from studio's that are interfering like mad.

This isn't the only high profile director in trouble with the overly interfering Fox, remember Mathieu Kassovitz has slated his own Fox film Babylon A.D., Alex Proyas is adamant that he won't work with Fox ever again after the mess of I, Robot, and Fox are planning to ruin every superhero fan's dreams as they want to stop Warner Bros. Watchmen film from being released, unless they get tons of cash.

Most studios do a great job of hiding their accountancy and business like ways and go so far as letting their creative people make the film they want, after all they hired the creative talent for what they can do with films, not for doing what they want and ticking all the boxes on their accountancy based checklist.

Yes I know studios are all about making money, but do they really do that by churning out tame films that don't meet fans expectations? Well perhaps they make enough money, but if they did it right they could make so much more, and the fans could get what they want.

Meanwhile the article says that Fox are intending more X-Men spin off's – remember that Magneto is already on the slate – there's word of a young X-Men spin off, surely something made purely to appease the young audience, a Deadpool film, and a possible Daredevil film.

It all sounds good, but what they probably have planned right now is hiring a great writer and director and forcing them into an impossible situation to deliver what they want in a film, a young persons film more in the vein of Fantastic Four than Dark Knight, a very bad choice in my mind, particularly for the characters they've chosen – Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool should definitely not be light, child friendly films.



Despite phenomenal success of "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man" and "Hancock" and other superhero films released this season (in the United States and around the world), 20th Century Fox clearly is serving someone in its executive decision-making other than the moviegoer; something other than potential box office return is in play here. What else might explain the studio's anxiety over a darkly told tale of Wolverine's origin, given that the REAL money will be made in the DVD market and foreign sales? There's an errant piece of the puzzle still missing.


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