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George Washington biographical film

GeorgeWashington.jpgNow I don't know about everyone else but it strikes me that a biographical film about George Washington is going to have a limited audience, although still a big one, America. Speaking as someone brought up in Scottish schools I have no real idea of George Washington and what he did as President, although I am aware he was a major influence on America.

The other Presidential film being made just now, Lincoln, is one that I can identify with as I know much more of Abraham Lincoln's life through other films and other stories, but Washington? Not really that much.

The question is how much does it appeal to a non-American audience and how involved are you going to be in a George Washington story? Are you aware of what he did for America, and would it strike you as a good film?

For the Americans among the audience I imagine that the story is going to be far more interesting, and perhaps rival the Lincoln biographical film coming from Steven Spielberg.

According to Reuters through Yahoo News, the scriptwriter who adapted Elegy (Filmstalker review), Nicholas Meyer, is set to write the screenplay of his life. He says:

"Washington was the indispensable man, the physical embodiment of America's revolutionary ideals and identity...As we consider America's role in today's ever-changing world, understanding the man who had a pivotal role during the birth of our nation is essential...

...The myths created by Washington's remarkable achievements are so ingrained in our thinking that people forget he was a man -- an extraordinarily complicated man whose personal life was defined by powerful contradictions and passions"

Well he certainly makes him sounds much more important to Americas history than I, as a complete outsider, would realise. I think the difficulty for this film will be to attract the non-aware audience to the film and make it that little bit more popular.



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