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Grint plays British Leon

RupertGrint.jpgRupert Grint is set to play the trainee of a hitman, in a film that sounds a lot like a British version of Leon called Wild Target appearing next to Bill Nighy and Helena Bonham Carter.

It marks a clear move away from his role in the Harry Potter films that has made him famous as Ron Weasley.

Bill Nighy will be playing an ageing hitman who receives his next target, while he's executing the job he bumps into a delivery boy played by Rupert Grint and amazingly he can't kill him, something to do with just finding his morality I guess, despite probably killing hundreds of people in his career.

So instead he decides to take him on as his apprentice and train him up to take over his business. However a gangster sends another hitman off to kill the delivery boy/trainee hitman, and hitman and trainee must fight back.

Cinema Blend has the exciting news that reveals Grint is on the move. Of course he started his move away from Harry with Thunderpants, which wasn't really something you'd want to remember. Driving Lessons was much better and his co-star there was Julie Walters, the superb and gorgeous Laura Linney appeared alongside him too.

Before Wild Target he has a film called Cherrybomb which does see set to break the image he's grown up with through Harry Potter, as it follows a group of teenagers through a weekend of binge drinking, binge drug taking, binge shop-lifting, and binge stealing cars. Better than being a binge buzzword talking politician.

Their weekend begins as a game but soon turns deadly serious when they discover that they can't stop what they've started and the events escalate out of control.

Now that sounds like it'll definitely shake off that Potter image. Saying that though, he goes back to the two Deathly Hallows right after.



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