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Guillermo del Toro writing vampire trilogy

GuillermodelToro.jpgSome people like to keep busy, and then there is Guillermo del Toro. With more films on the go than he knows what to do with, including The Hobbit, he's now agreed to write a trilogy of vampire novels.

Does this guy never sleep? Whatever he's on to keep up with that workload, I want some.

With two Hobbit films, a Frankenstein remake and a Dr.Jekyll and Hyde film on the way, you would think Guillermo del Toro would have enough work to keep him busy. But no, he will write three vampire novels alongside Chuck Hogan.

Variety say the first novel will be published next summer, and will be called The Strain. The books will tell the story of a vampire virus which sweeps New York, and will trace the origins of vampires all the way to the Old Testament.

Sounds like an ambitious series, and if he brings his distinctive visual flair to the novels, they should be amazing. Maybe he will make them into films at a later date, a much later date, say 2020, or whenever he is next free.

I can't think of a director off the top of my head who has committed to something like this. Anyone know any? Should be interesting to see how they pan out. Are you looking forward to del Toro's novels?



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