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I Am Legend prequel update

IAmLegend.jpgThere are a few more details on the prequel to I Am Legend. The studio have confirmed they are going ahead with it, and a few people including Will Smith have been working on the story.

I really like the first, but I'm not sure if a prequel will work out.

Variety say that Will Smith, the director Francis Lawrence and two producers worked on the story outline for the prequel. In I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), a man made virus creates human mutants, with Will Smith the last surviving human on Manhattan island.

The prequel was first announced by Lawrence at Comic-Con a couple of months ago. The film will revolve around the last few days before the virus hits, leading to an abandoned New York, and a large mob of mutants. Will Smith is expected to be back as Robert Neville, as is director Francis Lawrence.

I'm a bit worried about a prequel film. Won't it just end up as another disaster film? One of the great things about I Am Legend, is that is deals with the aftermath of a disaster. And didn't we kind of get the idea of what happened from all the flashbacks. Do you think they can make an original prequel?



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