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Iron Man on your PC

IronMan.jpgDell are trying to compete with iTunes in the download market, and they're starting by selling PCs with the option of Iron Man preloaded onto it. Not only that but they are offering exclusive bonus footage as well.

Seems a bit strange to start with stuff preloaded. Would you like the option of buying your PC with films preloaded?

Dell are starting off with Iron Man as a preloaded film available on new PCs. It would be bought along with other features, as people custom build the PC of their choice. They only have an agreement with Paramount at the moment, but are hoping for more studios to work with them.

On The Hollywood Reporter, Director of content, Rachna Bhasin had this to say about Dell's new offering.

The key focus here is to lead off our slow immersion into content as a major piece of the puzzle in terms of what consumers want from a PC.

Initially the films will be available to buy preloaded, but they plan on offering downloadable films in the future. Also the Iron Man offer is only available in the US at the moment, but they plan to offer it elsewhere as well. It will be in standard definition, and it sounds like the PC owner will be able to make one copy of the film onto DVD.

Seems a strange way to go about it, how many people will be ready to buy a film at the same time as buying their PC? Surely it can't be long until the downloadable content is launched. Would Dell's new offering work for you?



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