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Is Billy Bob Thornton retiring?

BillyBobThornton.jpgWith a hefty amount of films to his name, and an Oscar, we could be seeing a lot less of Billy Bob Thornton. It looks like he may be putting films on the backburner and concentrating on other things.

I haven't seen all of his films, but what I have seen he's been great in. Let's hope he's tempted to do more films. Even if it's behind the camera.

Billy Bob Thornton was talking to MTV Movies Blog. He sounds like he's a bit tired of the acting business, and is going to concentrate on music and family.

I’ve been in fifty some odd movies and directed three or four, and written a few, and I figure I’m tired of fighting it. I’ve had a good career as an actor, and mostly I just care about music now. There’s no passion or desperation in me anymore about movies and I think there is for music, and for my family, and for a lot of other things. [But] in terms of movies, yeah, I’ll go do it - if they call and I need the money. [Otherwise] it’s not exactly retirement, but in a sense you can say that.

I was having a look at his IMDB profile, and was surprised as he has a few films in production, or pre production. Turns out though, at least two of them are stalled or not happening. It sounds like he's going to pick the odd film he wants to do, but other than that he has other ambitions.

Every now and then I’ll sneak out of my house and go do a movie, but, but after all the movies…I’d like to write another screen play. I’ve got one in my head. I’ve [also] got a couple movies I want to direct. One’s a true story, it happened in the 1920s, and the other is based on a book, a fictional book. But I can’t get them financed because they’re about actual THINGS. So it’s real tough to get actual things done.

Sounds like he's had enough of acting for the minute, and is frustrated about how difficult it is to get a decent film made in Hollywood. I would have thought that having his name attached to them would help.

Guess we'll have to hope that there are enough decent roles to get him acting again. I particularly like him in Pushing Tin. Would you be miffed if Thornton gave up on acting?



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