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J.J. Abrams talks Cloverfield, Fringe and Star Trek

JJAbrams.jpgJ.J. Abrams has been interviewed online and has been talking about everything from Cloverfield to Fringe, including a little Star Trek on the way.

He reveals a few things about the various films and series, and even offers up some never before heard secrets. He doesn't reveal the secret of the polar bear though.

The interview is over at BBC Radio 1 with Chris Moyles, and while Moyles isn't on his usual top form there's some fun to be had watching the thirty minute interview.

There's no big huge surprises revealed, but we do get to hear that there are many things the fans didn't even pick up on for Cloverfield, including finding out who the drunk girl was during the party. Apparently there was a girl drunk and passed out during the party and if we had found the site we would have known all about her when the moment arrived.

J.J. Abrams does say that the Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) sequel is still in the works and that they are still working on some ideas.

Also for fans of the newly arrived Fringe we have been told a little, special secret:

"Look out for an observer"

...and that's all he would say.

There's more to be had in the interview, but it's not the insightful Star Trek questioning piece I thought it could be.



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