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Jude Law for Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson?

JudeLaw.jpgThe rumours are racing about the casting for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, we've heard that Russell Crowe is in talks for just about every role and debunked, and now we're hearing that Jude Law is the latest to be linked by the media with the important role of Sherlock Holmes' sidekick, Doctor Watson.

Now this one I could believe more than Crowe as Law is much less likely to compete for screen presence with Robert Downey Jr.

It would mean that the main character on screen, and the one that your eyes are drawn to, is Robert Downey Jr., and although Jude Law is a good actor, he just isn't the huge personality on screen that Downey or Crowe are.

The latest rumour for the new version of Sherlock Holmes, which is actually revisiting some of the oldest material for the character, comes from EW and tells us nothing to back the story up other than the article saying that they've learned he's in negotiations.

You know the more I think about that casting choice the more I like it. What do you think? Could Jude Law play a good Dr. Watson? Or is this getting as bad as the Batman 3 rumours?



This sounds very cool to me. I like the idea of RDJ and Jude doing this. Not sure about the competing on screen stuff...I think they all have presence...but I've also read that Russell might be taking another role in it. If so, even better.

Yeah, there's some wild rumours about who and what he's going to do. I still think he's too strong a character and will take too much away from Downey Jr.'s Holmes.

I am so sick of people jumping on the Robert Downey Jr bandwagon. The guy has a box office hit with Iron Man and suddenly he's a "huge personality on screen"? Remember Chaplin? Remember Restoration? Remember how media writers dismissed him as a "leading man" because his films didn't make money?

Give me a break. RDJr has always been a good actor. Jude Law has always been a good actor. That is all there is to it. The hype in the media makes me sick. Don't you guys that write these things have any integrity?

Daphne, what are you talking about? Where in that story do you get the idea that I have only thought Downey has been good since Iron Man? Have you been reading this site for long because I've always thought that Downey Jr. has been a great talent, and you would have seen that if you'd read what I've said about films such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I suspect you've just dropped into this article and have a bee in your bonnet about other more mainstream sites and writers who have leapt on the Downey bandwagon.

However on the Jude Law side I'd disagree, he has a number of bad choices on his career list and that hasn't endeared him with critics and audiences. Saying that he does have some great roles there.


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