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Korean monster comedy Chaw

Another Korean monster film is coming, and this one's got a few familiar features to it, see if you can guess. Chaw is a black comedy about a man-eating boar. Now although that might spark a something in your mind already, there's more.

A number of attacks by the creatures cause politicians to get excited, a police cover up, and a bounty hunter is on the scene to capture the animal. Got it yet?

Forget the comparisons to The Host (Filmstalker review) that Variety are coming up with, I really think that this is more akin to Jaws, and not just with the name similarities, that plot outline sounds very similar indeed.

Got it yet? Jaws anyone?

Jeong-won Shin, director of Sisily 2km, is set to direct Chaw.

Okay, there is some resemblance to The Host, but a dark comedy monster film just puts it in the same ball park, that plot outline does remind me of Jaws, just with a boar!



Yawn. It sounds like the overrated, and very uneven Host.


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