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Liotta follows De Niro and Pacino

RayLiotta.jpgWhat's happening to the once great screen personas, Robert De Niro and Pacino are playing weaker and weaker characters, and in De Niro's case he's become a poor comedic foil. Is Ray Liotta the next to fall?

Seems like he might be as the latest story about his next role hits the Interflab. He'll be appearing as the enemy to Seth Rogen's character in a film called Observe and Report, a comedy.

Seth Rogen is set to play a security guard at a shopping centre (mall) and when things get out of hand a real cop arrives, the character played by Ray Liotta, and together they begin to investigate the case of a flasher.

The comment arrives from Cinema Blend who have an upcoming interview with the big man.

“Seth Rogen is a mall cop who is really overly obnoxoiusly serious about it...Then there's a flasher. I'd rather be on a murder case, or something that cops do, but not looking for a flasher. It's just that confrontation”

Wow, sounds great (that's sarcasm) and it doesn't sound like Liotta is really going to be that pushed here. He's been picking some rubbish roles of late, and particularly a string of lacklustre comedies, but Battle in Seattle was something of a light that suggested he was starting to pick it up again. No such luck it would seem, and while this film might be funny, it's not a great choice for Liotta. Where has his career gone?



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