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Mamma Mia! sequel?

MammaMia.jpgIt seems that sometimes Hollywood gets it right and resists the urge to add a sequel onto something just because it makes some cash, and that's exactly what has happened with Mamma Mia! according to one of the stars Dominic Cooper.

He'd love a sequel, and wants to be in it...but it looks like there won't be one.

Dominic Cooper has been talking to MTV about Mamma Mia! the Abba based musical and revealed that there doesn't seem to be a sequel in the works, even though he'd like there to be.

"Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be happening… But I'm desperate for a role."

That's all well and good but what could the film possibly be about? Well more music from Abba I would suspect and just transplanted into another part of the character's lives. Cooper has no idea what it could be about, although it doesn't stopping him having a guess:

"Unless it was Sophie and Sky, off to travel the world? I'd like to see him get into serious trouble, in different parts of the world."

Would that work? I could see a prequel working perchance, but a sequel? Oh I'm sure if Abba get the songs and the money was good they'd be straight back in there. Oh dear lord. Is that a good thing?



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