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Max Payne International Trailer

MaxPayne.jpgThere's a new trailer out for Max Payne, the film adaptation of the successful videogame which to date looks like it just might be as successful.

The film comes from John Moore and has Mark Wahlberg in the lead role as Max Payne, and this new trailer doesn't really have that much different from the ones we've seen other than a few shots of characters.

I think that's something that us "international audience" like, shots of characters rather than full action. Really, when I see the international trailer compared to the "domestic" ones, I don't tend to see that much difference. Now and again you'll see something, but for the majority it tends to be a few shots and sometimes to obscure violence.

On the whole it feels like the international ones carry more characterisation, plot development and basically talking. In this trailer there's not that much difference though, but it's still great to have a look at how Max Payne is going to look. I'm really getting interested in this film.



Huge fan of the games, so we'll probably checked this out, even if it does look a little bit...


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