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McGowan distanced for IRA comments

RoseMcGowan.jpgA little while ago I wrote about Rose McGowan's comments after appearing in the film Fifty Dead Men Walking, the story of the British agent working undercover in the Irish Republican Army, and she made the ill informed and hugely insulting comment that she would have joined them if she had lived there at the time.

After I wrote that the comment started to pick up steam and The Guardian wrote a piece about it. Now the producers have realised the potentially damaging comment of the star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the producers of the film have said:

The backers "regret any distress" that McGowan's comments may have caused "to people of Northern Ireland and particularly those who were victims of or caught up in the shocking events that existed during the conflict."

"Ms. McGowan's views were private ones, and as such they greatly saddened the film's producers...[Her views] are not shared nor endorsed by anybody associated with the production or creative elements of the film."

Guy Collins of HandMade Films said that the producers were disappointed by the comments that Rose McGowan made and Kari Skogland, the director of Fifty Dead Men Walking , said:

"Rose's personal opinions of Northern Ireland do not reflect the perspective of the film in any way. Our goal was to present an even, nonjudgmental point of view so the audience could follow the path of an informer with empathy no matter what the politics."

At the time though I suspected that she might have been misquoted as the original story just had the following quote:

"My heart just broke for the cause,"

Yet it did say that she had clearly stated that she would have signed up for the cause had she been there.

Whatever was exactly said the intent is clear, and very misguided, whatever side of the border you were on.

I suspect it won't be long before we hear an apology or a backtracking explanation for the comments from the star.



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