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McGowan would have joined the IRA?

RoseMcGowan.jpgSometimes actors say something that they regret afterwards, and if Rose McGowan really did say this then I imagine she might well regret it at some point, although I do have a sneaky suspicion that this might have been taken out of context to gain headlines, which it has.

She was talking about her role in Fifty Dead Men Walking adapted from the memoirs of Martin McGartland who was a British undercover agent within the IRA for years.

According to The Hollywood Reporter she made the comment during the film's Toronto Film Festival debut:

"Rose McGowan so sympathized with the senior Irish Republican Army operative she plays in Kari Skogland's "Fifty Dead Men Walking" that, had she lived in Belfast during Northern Ireland's Troubles, she'd have joined up with the Republicans.

'My heart just broke for the cause,'"

Now you can see why I might think she probably didn't say those words, but if she did I imagine there are a great number of people who would take offence to that comment, after all the IRA were a terrorist organisation, no matter how romantic the idea seems to Americans who claim Irish heritage.

I suspect Rose McGowan's comments were more along the lines of saying that she was sympathetic to the character in Fifty Dead Men Walking and her beliefs, and probably that's all she said, and that's backed up by a little more of her comments given by the article:

"Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems, but I understand it."

Well I'm not sure I understand it at all, I mean we've seen peaceful protests throughout the world and throughout history change political and world views rather than bombing innocent people including children, to me that instantly negates anything, on either side, and I apply that morality to any situation in the world today, not just the past situation in Ireland.

Political views aside I think it's time we start seeing more films about the British-Irish war, which let's face it, that's what it was, and show the story from both sides, because the more we understand from both sides in a conflict, the closer we come together and the more likely we are to find compromise and end the fighting.

The stories also go further than just looking at the past, we should be looking at these situations and learning, after all they are happening around the world right now.



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