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Megan Fox in Fathom?

MeganFox.jpgThe film version of Michael Turner's Fathom is still in development, and Megan Fox may be starring. The film has had a fairly confusing history, previous attempts have been made to get it off the ground only to falter.

So Fathom fans, would you want Megan Fox starring?

Fathom was written by Michael Turner, who died earlier this year from cancer. I have never read the comic book, all I know is that it is about an amnesiac mermaid who is rescued by a cruise liner. From what I can tell, that's the beginning of a pretty interesting story.

James Cameron was involved in trying to get a film made a few years back, but nothing came of it. And last year Michael Turner seemed dubious that it would be made:

The ‘Fathom’ movie is now not really happening. We had some problems with some scripting … It was definitely an experience that we had with Hollywood. All the scripts were completely different from what you know of ‘Fathom.’ We’re going back and starting again…

Now Screen Rant say that Megan Fox has been cast as the lead character, in a film being made by Fox Atomic. They also brought us Hills Have Eyes 2 and 28 Weeks Later. No director or script are set yet. So it looks like they are getting a star first and worrying about the rest later.

Any Fathom fans out there. Is Megan Fox a good choice? Will Fathom lend itself well to a film version?



Never read Fathom, though I'm quite familiar with the look of the the late Mike Turners character, I guess there could be worse choices than Fox.

Interestingly Fathom was the name of a Raquel Welch movie in which she played a kind of female sky diver who gets embroiled in a spy adventure. I often wondered if this inspired the comic in any way?

Megan Fox would make a good aspen (main character in fathom) as she looks a lot like her. Another good choice would be louise cliffe, but she is not an established actress just yet so that would be unlikely. The story is about aspen who is a water being rather than a mermaid (she has now tail she just becomes one with the water more so). As a child she is rescued/ found by a ship and the captain takes her home and raises her as human. Later she discovers her true home and has to face a battle between her human life and water life. It would make a really great movie! :-)

I think that Megan Fox looks the part very well. She has the right look, body type and even the right lips for it. My only concern is her ability to properly portray the character. She has the potential to be a good actress but she still needs some work. Perhaps with the right director, say James Cameron, a good screenwriter, say John Logan, and a good supporting cast I think Megan Fox would be a good choice to play Aspen. As a fan of the comics I only want to see Megan put all of her effort into playing the part well. She has the potential to act but she needs guidence. I think with the right people it can happen.

Okay, here is my dream cast:

Aspen Matthews - Megan Fox

Cannon Hawke - Christian Bale

Killian - Gerard Butler

Admeral Maylander - Sam Shepard

Chance Calloway - Leonardo DiCaprio

Kyla - Anne Hathaway

Taras - Dwayne Johnson

Director - James Cameron

megan and christian in one film? oh, heaven!


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