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Men in Black 3 still possible?

MeninBlack.jpgLong running, are the rumours of Men in Black 3. But it might be that we are inching towards it actually being made. One of the executive producers says he's waiting on the script, and the two stars.

I remember liking the first film, but I can't really remember the second blowing me over. Maybe a third will be a return to form.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the first two Men in Black films. They played two agents of a secret organization who policed the activities of aliens on Earth. The second film was released in 2002. But one of the producers says a third one is possible:

The challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available. But everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another.

That was producer Walter Parkes, talking to Parade, through First Showing.net. So according to him it's all a case of waiting on a script, and the two stars being free. And that's no mean feat, Will Smith especially is in high demand these days.

Do you think the Men in Black franchise can be revived by a third film? Or should they leave it alone?



I would LOVE to see a new MIB!

The first one was great, the second... so so. If it has a great story and the two leads are back then I'm all for another MIB.


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