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Michael Jordan biographical film

MichaelJordan.jpgIdris Elba has been talking about his plans to get a Michael Jordon biographical film off the ground, and he most likely won't be starring, but he does want to direct.

What's really interesting about the film is it won't be a typical sports film, if Elba has his way, it will concentrate on more how Jordan became such a worldwide and household name and grew so big. Not physically, but in terms of becoming a global business.

Talking about the project he does reveal that it's very early days yet and he might not be able to get it going, but that he was trying to make it happen.

You would think that with the companies behind Michael Jordan this would seem like an advertising revenue dream, well there's one main man to please and that's Jordan himself.

Elba talked a little about the project to IGN:

"Michael is a very private guy, but we're working at it slowly. The film that I'm trying to make isn't about the actual basketball, it's about the business. Michael Jordan is such a big international brand - how do you make that happen? How do you make that happen as a sports star? The brand has done so well for years."

With the news that Idris Elba would be directing but perhaps not starring, particularly since his basketball skills aren't as good as his football skills, you have to wonder who would play Michael Jordan.

However since the man has such a control over his global business and his image, you have to wonder just how keen he would be for a film to be made that looks into the business side of his life. I would imagine that the film would be pushed more to look at the glories of his career.



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