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Moss re-joins Jackson in terrorist film

Carrie-AnneMoss.jpgCarrie-Anne Moss is teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson in another film about terrorism on U.S. soil, Unthinkable. This one is about a terrorist group who have hidden three nuclear bombs in three different cities in America.

Sounds like pretty standard fare taken a few steps further. However Jackson reveals a bit of his character's plot and we realise that's it's another film that portrays the use of torture on people in order to find out what they know.

I used to think that this was just propaganda and that this was just a dramatic foil, but more and more you're seeing it in film and now television. When the investigators are stuck, threaten, beat and hurt the guy they're interrogating and they'll get the answers they need to save the person/country/world.

However that's because they always have the right guy and their hunches and evidence are always right, they never have flawed evidence and the innocent are never hurt.

It does make you wonder what effect this is having on the general audience and if it might really make them start to think that this is justified. I'd really like film and television to start making it a bit more real world, and perhaps address the possibility that they have the wrong people, or perhaps people who just don't deserve the torture.

However that aside MTV Movies Blog has the Samuel L. Jackson comments about Carrie-Anne Moss joining Unthinkable and the film itself.

“Since there are so many rules about how you can and can’t interrogate people, they bring my character in...who’s willing to cross that line to find out what they need to know.”

Well so that means torture, answers, results, save the day...it's 24 with a different cast.

However there's some good news here, the film will be directed by Gregor Jordan, the man behind the strong Buffalo Soldiers.



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