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New trailer for The Spirit

TheSpirit_Poster.jpgThere's another online trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit. It's probably the most coherent of all the trailers we've seen so far.

I'm a total novice of The Spirit, and I'm still finding it hard to get excited about it. Take a look at the trailer inside.

Gabriel Macht stars in Frank Miller's adaptation of The Spirit. Also in the film are Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L Jackson and Eva Mendes. The film is being compared to Miller's Sin City a lot, and I can see why. The trailer is below from Cinema Blend.

As I say I have never read the comic book. I have seen Sin City, and enjoyed it. But none of the trailers for this one have moved me either way. Any neutrals out there feel the same way? Or are you a die hard comic fan who can't wait?



Looks nice, some great lines, it still looks a lot like 300.

Yeah I did laugh at some of those lines, particularly the tie comment.

I'm a huge comic fan but,this is a tough one, Eisners work is a little old for most modern comic fans to remember, but the important thing is Frank Miller.If its good enough for him I have to give him a shot. I wasn't particularly excited about this after the first wave of trailers, there wasnt enough to actually see what it would be about...This one at least lets you see that Jackson is the villain, and sets up the story a little...Basically the same style as the other Miller type films, but I guess you have to do what best suites the source work..I'm not freaking out over this, but at least interested after this trailer.


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