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Stalked:Nicolas Cage,Rachel Bilson,Shane Black

Nicolas Cage has yet another film lined up, this time he's playing a knight.

TV and film actress Rachel Bilson is playing, a TV actress.

And Shane Black is back, and will direct Cold Warrior.

Nicolas Cage is to star in Season of the Witch. The film is set in the 14th Century, and tells the story of knights who are transporting a witch. The witch is suspected of being responsible for spreading the Black Plague. Cage will work again with director Dominic Sena, who he also worked with on Gone in Sixty Seconds. The news comes from Variety.

Rachel Bilson also has a new role, she's to star in an independent romance film. Waiting For Forever, has Bilson playing a TV actress. Now that's a stretch. In the film her boyfriend decides to give up his job, and spend the rest of his life living with her. The news comes from Jo Blo.

Shane Black will direct Cold Warrior, a film about an ex Cold War spy who comes out of retirement. He teams up with a younger spy, to counter a new terrrorism threat from Russia. Sounds like a buddy film, alongside the Lethal Weapon films which he wrote. Could be good fun. The news comes from Variety.



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