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No Country for Old Men sued by lead

TommyLeeJones.jpgIt must be in the air just now for lawsuits to be flying around Hollywood, and this latest one features some big names. Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount Pictures for a figure that could be well over US $10 million for his appearance in No Country for Old Men.

The documents filed claim that there were errors in the contract he was given and that Paramount admitted to knowing about these errors before he signed. Pretty expensive errors it would seem.

The lawsuit documents that have been raised on behalf of Tommy Lee Jones apparently state that he signed a contract from Paramount that had a reduced upfront fee with bonuses and a percentage should the film do well in the box office.

According to the stories in Variety and Deadline Hollywood Daily it was a month after the release of the film that Tommy Lee Jones was told by Paramount that there had been a mistake in his contract and that they were aware of the mistake before the contract was signed.

Then, another month later, they pulled the same trick and revealed that there had been a mistake in the contract on the way that they calculated box office returns for No Country for Old Men (Filmstalker review).

What's most interesting about this lawsuit, and perhaps the thing that suggests that Jones is being legitimate in his claim, is that it requests that an independent auditor should investigate how much is owed.



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