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No T4 blessing by Cameron

McG.jpgWhen McG was announced as the director for Terminator 4, there were some people who were none too pleased. And soon enough McG was talking about how James Cameron had given him his blessing. Good news coming from the main man we thought.

Well it turns out Cameron didn't offer his blessing, and hasn't seen any script. Could McG be telling porkies to gain some popularity?

The announcement of McG as director of Terminator 4 was met with some trepidation by Terminator fans. And then McG seemed to calm things a bit by saying that he'd been talking to James Cameron. And also that Cameron had been consulted on how to go forward with the new film. As a fan of the series it did make a difference to know Cameron was involved even a little bit. Now it turns out, McG may have been bending the truth a bit. Speaking to E Online through JoBlo, Cameron had this to say when asked if he was involved:

It could be a big steaming pile or it could be brilliant. Sam Worthington is in the Avatar and the new Terminator and he likes the script, but I never saw it. There was no blessing involved.

Maybe McG has been caught out. But surely he would have known Cameron would end up commenting at some stage on the film. Who knows. Thankfully the teaser trailer for it looks good. Let's hope it's a great film with or without Cameron's blessing.



Oh dear. Maybe Cameron gave him his blessing to continue the franchise with the story outline he had in a personal discussion, and now Cameron's being asked if he gave the entire film his blessing.

I guess there are still subtle differences, but it's still a little slap for the production. It would have been a huge positive if Cameron had said he liked it.

If this film fails then I shall terminate myself.

Ha Ha. That made me laugh out loud at work, quite a feat this week as well!

I'd be more worried for McG if he was coming off the back of T2, at least he has T3 as a cushion. It has to be better than that one, doesn't it?


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