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No Two-Face in Batman 3?

TwoFace.jpgNot according to Aaron Eckhart there won't be, and while he might not know since he doesn't write, produce, direct or edit the film, he has asked someone he knows and they've suggested that won't happen.

Who is that person? Christopher Nolan, and he's surely got to know hasn't he? Well without the script being written or the idea even being broached we can't say no. Oh, and there are spoilers coming if you haven't seen the film yet.

However in the meantime Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent and Two-Face in The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review), says he's done for.

“He is dead as a door nail...I asked Chris [Nolan] that question and he goes, 'You're dead' before I could even get the question out of my mouth. 'Hey Chris, am I?' 'You're dead!' Alright, cool.”

So that's what the thinking was at the end of The Dark Knight, but that was before the fan reaction to the character and the surge of opinion that would like to see him back in another film.

The story from Coming Soon got over to Empire where the article slams the idea and pokes fun at those who are debating the idea of Two-Face being in the film, except they seem to forget the entire history of such films.

We see his corpse. It’s not moving. Or breathing. So it's a corpse.
We see his funeral. Funerals tend to be held when people are dead.
The Dark Knight script, which is now online if you know where to look, states, quite categorically, that Dent is dead.

Oh come now Empire, haven't you been watching films and taking it all in? Characters who the audience thought were dead come back all the time.

First up, we don't see his corpse, that's an assumption. We see him lying still. From that distance and those shots I couldn't tell if anyone was breathing.

Secondly, I have never seen an on screen funeral of a character who turns out later in the film to actually be alive – please note the heavy sarcasm of that statement – that has happened time and time again, come on.

Lastly, and again feel free to don the hat of cutting and quite disgusted sarcasm here, sure the script may say he was dead but that was before the director made the film, the editor edited the film, the audience saw the film, the studio took the money, and the fans started the huge buzz about the return of Two-Face.

After watching that film I can totally see there being a chance for Two-Face to return. In fact listening to the dialogue at the end you could even be mistaken for thinking that Batman and Gordon were hiding the fate of Dent from the world.

However much I would like to see Two-Face again, I am liking the idea of a straight serial killer who leaves riddles as clues to the next, I really do like that, and it could make for a very effective return for Batman and to redeem himself in the eyes of Gotham.



Empire has become a joke over recent years. It is so predictable with it's reviews that it is beyond silly.

Two-Face heißt mit bürgerlichem Namen Harvey Dent und ist der ehemalige Bezirksstaatsanwalt von Gotham City, der, seit er von einem Angeklagten im Gerichtssaal mit Säure angegriffen wurde, physiognomisch schwer entstellt ist. Als Ergebnis des Säureangriffs teilt sich Dents Gesicht in der Mitte in zwei ganz und gar gegensätzliche Hälften: die makellos schöne, attraktiv-ansehnliche rechte Gesichtshälfte und die säurezerfressene, zernarbte und abstoßende linke Gesichtshälfte.


i think that Two-Face brought the batman movie to life at the end. if Two-Face doesn't come back i can tell you that i know a lot of people that will not go see the third batman movie because Two-Face is their favorite batman villain. he is my favorite villain and i (and thousand of viewers) will be disappointed not seeing him return in the third movie.

I'm with you, I loved the character and he was a real high point of the film. Despite having less screen time than his leading bad guy rival Joker, I thought the film was more about his character duality than anything.

I'd love to see him take the lead, but at the same time the appeal of a reimagined Riddler is strong.

Yeah, I don't see a Batman movie without Joker or Two-Face putting a lot of asses in the seats.

I was VERY disappointing to see Two-Face having such a small part in the movie. I knew from the start of course Harvey Dent was going to end up as Two-Face, but was hoping that transformation would be saved for the next film . . . that would have been better IMO. Such a successful archvillian such as Harvey Two-Face needs a movie of his own!

When I saw half of Dent's face on fire after that explosion, I knew where this was headed . . . and then to see him dead 30 mins later at the end of the film I felt jipped!

DONT buy it. Batman and Gordon hid Twoface in a little known sanitarium outside of Gotham, and told everyone hes dead to make sure he stays as Gotham's White Knight in the eyes of the people.

But he escapes at the begining of BB3 and returns to Gotham...then the real rise of the freaks begins


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