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Norton delays Obama documentary

BarackObama.jpgEdward Norton is producing a documentary about Barack Obama, but he's just announced that he's not going to be talking about, publicising, or showing anything from the film until it's completed and the election is over.

The filming is underway right now as a crew follows Obama during the campaign trail and records this historic race for the Presidency, but for one reason or another the film won't be released until the elections are over.

It's not clear exactly what access has been granted to the as yet untitled Obama documentary crews, but Edward Norton does reveal that there's an agreement in place and that they don't want (or perhaps aren't allowed to) play a part in the American elections. Instead that'll all be down to dirty campaigning, lies and promising the public what they politicians think they want to hear and can probably never deliver.

Speaking over at HollywoodScoop through BackSeatCuddler, Edward Norton says:

"We're making a historical record and not something to play a role in the election, so we have an agreement that this is something we won't talk a lot about or publicize until the election is over. I can't really comment on our access to Obama because it's part of our arrangement with the campaign, but it's a fascinating thing to be able to be documenting. We'll have an opportunity to talk about that process when it's all unfolded but we kind of have to stay off the record about it until it's all resolved."

So there's an agreement in place that ensures Norton and his team won't talk about what they film or show it until the election is complete. I imagine that's fair enough, and what it does suggest is that there's an unprecedented amount of access being given, perhaps access that means they'll film some usually unseen events and discussions, the real behind the scenes of a campaign trail.

Norton is producing the film with Amy Rice and Alicia Sams directing.

Whatever happens with the election, win or lose, you can see that this is already set to become a much sought after film. It'll have a lot to live up to.



I remember they did this with JFK back in the day... It was a really cool look into the election process, and even the personal lives of some of the Kennedys. I hope this documentary can pull off the same effect, because I'm really curious to see what Obama is really like. I want an honest depiction of the normal human being. Not a glorified ad campaign. This agreement seems to suggest that it might be the former.


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