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Passengers trailer

Passengers.jpgWe have a trailer for Passengers, starring Anne Hathaway. She plays a grief counsellor, given the job of helping a group of people who survive a plane crash.

The problem being, the survivors seem to have been left with more than just an amazing story of survival.

Passengers stars Anne Hathaway, and was directed by Rodrigo García. When a group of people survive a plane crash, they find themselves gaining powers they never had before. And soon the survivors start disappearing, Hathaway tries to figure it all out. The trailer is below from Cinema Blend. Take a look and see what do you think.



Anyone figure it out?

I love the voiceover "...lies a dark secret..."

It's just missing the following line, "...and here it is..."

What is it with the companies that make trailers these days? What the hell are they trying to do to us? Show us everything about the film before it gets released?

Looks better than some that share the same genre and I do think Anne Hathaway is really good. I shall probably check this out.

Thanks for the post Richard!

I agree, they're showing too much - feels like I've seen the whole film now! It's like they want to chuck everything they've got in the trailer just in case they're missed a good bit out!

Does seems like a familiar idea (not Heroes, something else).

When I first saw it I thought of Fearless, the film with Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Perez and John Turturro.

However he didn't have any special powers, just a belief he was invincible.

Someone I know has a theory that if a trailer shows too much of the plot then the film won't be that good :-\

I'd totally agree with that. However there's another explanation, the company making the trailer are rubbish.

If you think a trailer has to grab you in such a short time, and it does so through scenes in the film, and the easiest way to do that is grab all the explanatory scenes and the action sequences.

This trailer just ticks those boxes.

Yeah exactly. I prefer the really old trailers from say the 50s/60s where they just show you certain scenes from the film. I like that old voiceover as well [in polite loud voice ]'... And introducing Joe Blogs as Frank Smith' [insert scene of Blogs as Smith].

Wonderful charmful stuff.


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