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Paul Greengrass for Blackbeard?

PaulGreengrass.jpgIn May this year, news broke that Dreamworks was to make a film based on the pirate Blackbeard. One of the writers of Gladiator David Franzoni was working on a script. Now the rumour is that director has been ear marked, and it is Paul Greengrass.

I must confess to not being a huge pirate film fan. But the thought of a film with a less Disney perspective on it does appeal.

Mania.com, through Cinema Blend, say that Paul Greengrass is Dreamworks pick to direct their Blackbeard film. This pirate film is aiming for more of an R rated approach, as opposed to the slightly more sugary approach of Disney.

It looks like David Franzoni is still working on the script, and Greengrass is top of a shortlist of people they want to direct. The film will tell the story of Edward Teach, one time member of the Royal Navy. After fighting against the Spanish, many sailors find themselves disowned. Teach and a group of fellow sailers, take his ship and begin a life of piracy.

With Paul Greengrass in charge this could be great, a pirate film showing more of what actually went on, as opposed to a more romantic version. What do you think, is Greengrass a good pick for Blackbeard?



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