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Pegg and Frost in Tintin?

SimonPegg.jpgSimon Pegg is becoming increasingly popular over in Hollywood. With How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and Star Trek in the bag, he recently met Steven Spielberg. And now he and Nick Frost may have a part in Spielberg's Tintin trilogy.

Funny how some people make it over there, and some people bomb. If this is true, it's another big step for Simon Pegg in Hollywood.

Simon Pegg was talking to Times Online, through /Film, and was talking about how much life had changed for him. Amoung the changes was a request to go and meet Steven Spielberg himself on the set of Tintin. And Spielberg made a surprise suggestion:

Steven’s smoking a stogy, cap on head, like he’s always been since I was a baby. I shook his hand and chatted about films. He gave me the mo-cap [motion-capture] camera, and I had a play around with it. Then he said, ‘Hey, maybe you and Nick Frost could play the Thompson Twins.’ In Tintin. A Spielberg movie. To work with him is beyond .. . ” He trails off, lost for words

It's either an off the cuff remark, or an actual offer. I've never read Tintin, but going by drawings it looks like it would work. And who am I to argue with Steven Spielberg. What do you think, good casting move? Would you like to see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the Thompson Twins?



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