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Pussycat Dolls: The Movie?

PussycatDolls.jpgSeems as though The Pussycat Dolls are heading for the big screen in a film about the story of how they were created and rose to fame.

It seems that the band is currently looking at scripts to see a semi-biographical film come to life, and that's an interesting term semi-biographical.

What it suggests is that it won't all be biographical and that there will be parts that are made up, much like the fabricated band themselves.

However I am doing them a big injustice, they are a good band, hugely successful, they've worked tons to get where they are, and I can't stop dancing to "Dont Cha" whenever it comes on...that last part really is true, it's a party piece with our friends that when that song goes on, Richard goes mental.

Anyway, the rumour from Daily Star (which I couldn't source) through AceShowbiz is from one of those pesky "insider sources", so that coupled with the British tabloid source I would be dubious...however...

The Pussycat Dolls are very good at exploiting all manner of marketing opportunities, so this does sound like it could be plausible. I actually could see this happening, and considering the amount of musical films happening at the moment this could actually work. It'd defintely capture the fans.

Yet it's that "semi-autobiographical" aspect that bothers me, how much is going to be fabricated for drama because the real story just isn't that interesting, and probably a little too manufactured?

The film, according to this insider, will feature plenty of dancing and singing as well as new and old songs, and plenty of cameos. I presume it will also feature the Dolls as they are now. With the band just releasing their second album this is quite a move forward for them.

Is there room for a Pussycat Dolls film, and what about this semi-autobiographical aspect?



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