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Quantum of Solace drops Bond intro

QuantumofSolace.jpgQuantum of Solace will see the return of Daniel Craig as James Bond. However it looks like there won't be a return for some of his best known phrases.

The latest Bond outing, is to be the first of the films to lose some of the most well known phrases.

I think I'd describe myself as pretty darned excited about Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale was my favourite James Bond film in quite some time. However the latest film will be missing a couple of things. The introduction we all know Bond for will be missing, as will another famous phrase.

The Independent, through Latino Review, quotes director Marc Foster on the missing trademarks.

There was a 'Bond, James Bond' in the script. There are several places where we shot it as well, but it never worked as we hoped. I just felt we should cut it out, and Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson [the film's producers] agreed, and Daniel [Craig, who plays Bond] agreed, too. It's nice to be open-minded about the Bond formula. You can always go back to them later on.

There will be no "shaken not stirred" either. I'm all for it, give the cliches a rest. I can't wait for Quantum of Solace, until the end of next month though all we have is this trailer. Are you glad to see the back of those classic Bond phrases? Or should you not mess with tradition?



I'm really sad to hear this go away. I really love Casino Royale and I've got my hopes up for Quantum of Solace. But I wouldn't have minded a cheese ball line of "Bond, James Bond" even if it were to break the realism of the movie (for what... 10 seconds).

I'm glad, as you said Richard the cliches need a rest. I think the 'Bond... James Bond' only works well when it is hardly used (the end of Casino Royale used it very effectivally). It's too early for this reboot to go back to using things from the 'old' franchise.

Hey Billy the piece was written by Louise, not Richard.

I dont mind it at all, I just want to see more of the new Bond!

My bad.

Not a problem. It's a compliment.....for Richard as I'm way better looking.

HAHAHAHA @ Louise, as always you do it with a lot of style. ;)

Well I suppose they will never please everyone. Phoenix, you may well get your way in the next film. I'm just glad I'm enjoying Bond films again. I was never a big Brosnan fan.

Oh lordy, they'll be going mental over at craignotbond.com

I hate those guys.

Heh. I can't say I've ever been overly bothered about who plays Bond. I do like the fact that Daniel Craig is a different sort of Bond though. About time they tried something different.

the cheesey lines I think that's fine, let them slip .. I liked having the intro though, not that we'll miss it too much judging by the trailers, but it was a distinct thing about Bond that 'i' think would have been good to maintain.


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