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Updated: Quantum of Solace new trailer online

QuantumofSolace.jpgUnfortunately I don't have the trailer just yet, but I did get to see the trailer on the National Movie Awards 2008 here in the UK, and it looks even more action packed than the previous trailer.

It had two parts to it, the first part helped us place the timeline and that the wounds in Bond are still running deep. It also showed us some of the relationships and introduced some new characters.

However once it gets through these sections and shows us that Bond is once again sailing close to that black and white line of good and bad, it leaps into the action with some stunning set pieces we haven't seen as yet.

One of the most breathtaking is a scene where he and another character fall through a roof window, crashing into some scaffolding below and falling over the edge with the camera following, it looks very real and very spectacular.

That said it did look a little like a collection of clips at time and didn't flow the story well, so it does suggest that it might have been something just for the Movie Awards and will be forgotten about.

I hope that it isn't, and if anyone did record it, you know what to do. In the meantime you can have a look at the previous trailer.

Update by Louise: I think this is it over on Yahoo! Movies through Coming Soon. Looks damn good.

Update from Richard: The trailer has arrived online and here it is.



Hey Richard, I too also saw the trailer first on the National Movie Awards last night. The scene you mentioned with Bond and another character falling through the roof, I remember going 'Ooh cool'. In my head of course.

I think Solace is going to better than Casino, it looks bigger and action packed, but tightly held together as it surely should do. I am looking very forward to this film!

Richard, is it just me, or was Daniel Craig born to play Steve McQueen in a bio-pic? Has this notion even occurred to anyone? What have you heard? I think no other contemporary actor with any marquee value could pull it off. Your thoughts....

Billy, I said it out loud...am I sad?

Frederick I have heard that said in reference to Steve McQueen before, have a look at this old post


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