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Queen Latifah on Hairspray 2

QueenLatifah.jpgA couple of months ago, we heard that John Waters had been asked to come up with a treatment for a sequel to Hairspray. Now one of the stars Queen Latifah, has confirmed the sequel is in the works.

I've still to catch the first, but there seems to be a lot of people excited about a second.

We already know that John Waters is writing a sequel to Hairspray. And that the songwriters from the first are also back. Queen Latifah says she has received an e-mail about the sequel, and she is definitely up for it. Speaking to MTV Movies Blog, she said:

I got a secret e-mail about that recently. I got an e-mail from people connected to the last movie. It said: ‘Keep your ears peeled.’...I don’t know what he’s writing or what the concept is. But I’m glad they’re doing another Hairspray, and I’m glad he’s writing it...It should be lots of fun. I’d love to do another one. I’m around.

There goes the "secret" e-mail then. Well at least we know one of the original cast is close to coming back. And no doubt there will be more secret e-mails doing the rounds. We'll just have to wait for more confirmation on cast, and an idea of plot.

The sequel is getting there Hairspray fans.



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