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Raimi and Maguire on Spider-Man 4 and 5?

Spiderman.jpgOkay, first up there's no confirmation for this story other than the usual insider source, however the word is that both Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are signed up for Spider-Man 4 and 5, and that they both may be filmed back to back.

What's particularly interesting is, if it's true, there are no plans to make Spider-Man as dark as Batman has become and every other vaguely superhero film is going, not that it's a bad thing, but Spider-Man is going its own way.

The word is that Jamie Vanderbilt's script has Sam Raimi back and Tobey Maguire was hanging on for a better deal. Looks like they both got what they want, if the insider source from Deadline Hollywood Daily is to be believed.

The source goes onto say that Mary Jane is to return in the script and that Sony want Kirsten Dunst back in the role, well at least someone does.

There's another interesting comment in the story from the source, and again remember that this is a source and may not be true, although rumours like this that are so close to the truth are often true. The source also says that they are waiting to cast the villain but as soon as they announce the character we'll know who is going to be playing them – does that mean that we've already seen the actor and the character?

Of course that could mean any of the characters we've seen setup to date, but we've definitely seen them before it would seem.

However it doesn't look like we'll be seeing anyone until around May 2011, which is when the release is due. Talking of releases, Sony are apparently even thinking of filming the fifth film back to back with the fourth.

Now that would make sense since it would mean they wouldn't have to renegotiate the contracts once again when they decide to do the next film and then get stung for even more cash required by Maguire and cast.

Meanwhile Sony really has hired two screenwriters to have a go at a film just about Venom. Oh dear, misguided. At least they may have gotten the Spider-Man franchise going in the right direction.

Update: This morning I roll out of bed to discover that it's all true, which is great news, apart from the Venom story. That's a terrible idea.



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